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A little dream
About your friends
And their endings
Now I wanna wake up
I wanna wake up now
It could be the death of me
Knowing that my friends
Will not remember me
I wanna get old


anyway the record player’s on now
an I’m listenin t Pete sing Guantanamera for the billionth time.
I dont have many folk music records (I dont have many records really)
but I do have that one of Pete’s.
god it’s like I go in a trance
he is so human I could cry
he tells me so much
he makes me feel so good
it’s as though of all the things that’re sold t make one feel better,
aint none of it worth while.
all the cars, an clothes, and trinkets an foods,
an jewels an diamonds an lollypops an gifts of glad tidings,
just dont do nothin for the soul.
I believe I’d rather listen t Pete sing Guantanamera than t
own everything there is t own…
(that’s my own private selfishnes shinin thru there)
yes for me he is truly a saint
an I love him
perhaps more than I could show
(as always is the case ha)

Dylan on Pete Seeger. Extract from a letter from Bob Dylan to Broadside Magazine in 1964.

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Sonic Youth


Sonic Youth

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